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Hospitality Management, BA Program to Start this Spring 2024 at University Center of Lake County

Our comprehensive Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management degree program will prepare you to work in the wide and growing field of hospitality, including Culinary Arts; Accounting; Business Management; Legal and Ethical Issues; Human Resources; Lodging; Management of Food Services; Management of Special Events; Industrial Psychology; and Management of Information Systems. Hospitality and tourism careers have you talking and working with a wide variety of individuals. Hospitality management jobs are constantly evolving and our hospitality management degree grows with it.

Built on a liberal arts foundation with a strong business curriculum, the B.A. in Hospitality Management program features exposure to culinary arts and hotel management with a curriculum that covers the major areas of the hospitality industry. Your senior seminar and capstone project allow you to research specialty areas, including international tourism; gaming; sports hospitality; amusement parks; and ethnic/global hospitality. From hotel management school to food preparation courses, this degree prepares you to work closely, as well as independently, with staff, supervisors, businesses, and customers in diverse organizations around the world.

As a graduate of the B.A. in Hospitality Management program, you will be prepared to:

  1. Be a competent business professional in the hospitality industry and competitive in the job market, with special emphasis on multicultural understanding and practice in a global industry.

  2. Collaborate as well as lead, with many different types of people, solve problems quickly and concentrate on details, have initiative and self-discipline, effective communication skills, and the ability to organize and direct the work of others.

  3. Have a comprehensive knowledge of lodging and food and beverage service operations, including customer service; reservations; purchasing and accounting systems; safety and security; design; event planning; maintenance and repair; personnel practices; and business ethics, legal requirements, management and finance.

  4. Step into a position in the hospitality industry in management or operations or as a leader or owner for a lodging establishment; events and meeting management; restaurant; food service; sales; or related business field.

University Center is pleased to offer the Hospitality Management BA program in Grayslake, Illinois. The program is offered as hybrid where the in-person classes will be held at University Center. Schedule an appointment with our advisor at

University Center of Lake County was created in response to Lake County residents’ concerns of the lack of academic options to continue their education locally. As a result, in 1998 University Center of Lake County opened its doors to the community and in 2005 construction was completed on the new building in Grayslake. The University Center is a non-for-profit organization, which supports the work of thirteen universities committed to serving Lake County residents. Want to learn more? Visit our website at

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