Important Information for Faculty & Staff
Fall 2021 Semester

We are happy to have our partner universities in the building offering face-to-face and hybrid courses this fall term. As we are navigating this COVID-19 climate and the UC and CLC integration, there are a few updates and important information we want to share. Please bookmark this page and refer to it for future updates regarding the University Center.

Please check this site frequently, before each class held at UCLC to ensure you are up to date on our latest updates.

COVID-19 Cases

  • We had one positive COVID-19 case on campus on 11/30/2021. The building and classrooms are being deep cleaned. 

Mask Policy

  • Masks are required at all times while in the building regardless of vaccination status. 

Front Desk/Staff

  • At this time, we may not have staff in the building when your class ends.  Staff may leave 15 minutes after the last class of the day starts.  

  • The building will close at 9pm Monday – Thursdays and after the last class on Saturday and Sundays. No entry back into the building is available. 

  • If the doors are locked and you need entry into the building, please call CLC Police at 847.543.2081

Technology Requests

  • If you need a webcam or any other technology related requests for your classroom, please send the request to Jeff Donohoe at and copy Suzanne Christensen at with a minimum of 24-hour notice. 

Food Deliveries & Catering

  • Outside food deliveries are allowed this term, as the Café is not open.  Vending machines are also located on the 3rd floor.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Medical emergency, dial 911 from the classroom or the hallway phone

  • CLC Police, emergency, dial 5555

  • CLC Police, non-emergency, dial 1111

  • If staff are not in the building and you need technical assistance, please call the after-hours phone number at 224.541.0273.

COVID-19 Testing

  • CLC does offer COVID testing onsite in room C 106. Registration is not required, but strongly recommended.  Please visit the CLC Website HERE to register

COVID-19 Procedures

  • If a student is experiencing any of the following symptoms, they should contact their instructor and NOT report to class.

Most common symptoms include:

​o    Fever
o    Dry cough
o    Tiredness
o    Less common symptoms:
o    Aches and pains
o    Sore throat
o    Diarrhea
o    Conjunctivitis
o    Headache
o    Loss of taste or smell
o    a rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes

What to do if someone in your class at the University Center tests positive for COVID-19

  • Please notify Suzanne Christensen at as soon as possible if you find out of a positive case with a student and/or instructor that has been at the University Center. 

  • Suzanne will need to know the following information to report to the Lake County Health Department.

    • Case First Name

    • Cast Last Name

    • Case Date of Birth

    • Parents or Guardian’s Name (if case is younger than age 18)

    • County of Residence

    • Phone Number

    • Last day case was at the University Center

    • Did you provide a preliminary recommendation to test-to-stay to any unvaccinated case?  Yes or No

    • Did the case show symptoms?  Yes, No or Unknown

    • If yes – what was the date of onset?

    • Was the case seen in an emergency department?  Yes, No or Unknown

    • Was the case tested?  Yes, No or Unknown

    • If yes, what was the test date?

    • Was the case admitted to a hospital?  Yes, No or Unknown

    • Results of Test – Positive, Negative or Pending

    • Please share as much detail as possible about the situation including names and phone numbers for known close contacts of person(s) diagnosed with COVID-19.

Class Cancellations

If you need to cancel a class, please contact Suzanne Christensen at with a minimum of 24-hour notice or the institution will be charged for the classroom. 

Emergency/Building Notifications

We encourage you and your your students attending UCLC to sign up for OneCallNow, our emergency notification system. If there is a weather update or any other specific campus-wide update, this will be notified via our emergency notification system. Sign up HERE     

Questions? Please send a message to and someone will be able to respond back to you.