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Technology Class

for current students 

As a current student at University Center, you have access to all the resources and services that are offered by your member university and University Center.


If you find yourself in need of student support services, including financial aid, academic advising, tutoring services, and career services, these resources can be found on your university’s website.

University Center also offers a fully equipped campus, including science and computer labs, a café, study and relaxation spaces, vending machines, and various technology-enhanced classrooms.

Student Support

Did you know that as a student at University Center, you have access to all the resources offered at your university's main campus? Below, you can quickly navigate to your university's student support services such as financial aid, career, and tutoring services.

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Reporting an Emergency 

House phones are located in each classroom and in the hallways in each wing on each floor.

In a medical emergency, you may dial 911 from any house phone. Please also alert the receptionist by dialing 4008. If it is a police emergency, dial 5555. 



There is an automated electronic defibrillator located on the second floor near the stairs before you reach the bathrooms.


Get Notifications

The University Center uses a direct notification system, OneCallNow, to alert University Center students and faculty when there is an emergency or weather closing. ​​Please visit OneCallNow and join our group to receive alerts from the University Center.


Learn more about registration instructions and getting notifications >

Your Campus

University Center offers a fully equipped campus offering a variety of classrooms and other spaces to fit every program’s and every student's needs. 

Learn more about your campus >

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