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Business & Administration, BS

The Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Business and Administration is an online degree completion program intended for students who have work and/or family commitments that make traditional campus attendance impractical. The degree is intended to provide students with a broad exposure to critical business principles and a thorough understanding of functional units within an organization and the critical organizational decisions necessary in today's global business environment.

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Admission Requirements

It is recommended that students have the first two years, or at least 60 hours of their bachelor's degree completed with at least a 2.0 GPA. Ideally, the first 60 hours would include core curriculum classes and lower-level prerequisite courses. Visit

Delivery Method

Business prefix courses (ACCT/FIN/MGMT/MKTG) are fully online, including tests. Students purchase an external USB webcam used for proctored exams.


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