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Talk to an Advisor

At the University Center, we understand that selecting a major and transferring to a four-year university or starting a graduate degree can be quite overwhelming; This is why we have advisors that work with you individually to guide you along the process and help you successfully navigate college. Our advisors are student-centered, collaborative, and personal. Their goal is to help you find the right degree that fits your academic, individual, and professional goals.  Our advisors can help you:

  • Explore major options that match your career goals and interests

  • Compare and contrast degree programs to help you determine which programs may be a good fit

  • Assist you with academic planning and course selection

  • Review your transcripts and provide you with more information on how your credits will transfer

  • Talk to you about prior learning assessment (how your work and life experience can count towards college level credit)

  • Help you complete your financial aid application

  • Introduce you to the admissions representative at the specified university

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