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Important Information for Faculty & Staff

Front Desk/Staff

  • At this time, we may not have staff in the building when your class ends.  Staff may leave 15 minutes after the last class of the day starts.  

  • The building will close at 9pm Monday – Thursdays and after the last class on Saturday and Sundays. No entry back into the building is available. 

  • If the doors are locked and you need entry into the building, please call CLC Police at 847.543.2081

Technology Requests

  • If you need a webcam or any other technology related requests for your classroom, please send the request to Jeff Donohoe at and copy Suzanne Christensen at with a minimum of 48-hour notice. 


Important Phone Numbers


  • Medical emergency, dial 911 from the classroom or any phone

  • CLC Police, emergency, dial 911

  • CLC Police, non-emergency, dial 1111

Class Cancellations


If you need to cancel a class, please contact Suzanne Christensen at with a minimum of 48-hour notice or the institution will be charged for the classroom. 

Emergency/Building Notifications

We encourage you and your students attending University Center to sign up for OneCallNow, our emergency notification system. If there is a weather update or any other specific campus-wide update, this will be notified via our emergency notification system. Sign up HERE

Questions? Please send a message to and someone will be able to respond shortly.  ​​​​

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