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Health Care Management, BS

The Health Care Management (HCM) Bachelor of Science degree program at SIUC is designed to provide aspiring health care managers skills in the areas of management and supervision specific to health care. Many HCM graduates obtain supervisory and managerial positions in various health and medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, public health departments, health care training institutions or HMOs.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.5/4.0 (2.25/4.0 and an A.A.S. in related field to apply for Capstone program)

  • Background in electronics

  • Minimum 26 semester hours of previous college credit

  • Must have English 101 with a minimum grade of "C" and prerequisites: med term, accounting, HCM 310 and microeconomics.

Delivery Method

The 48 semester hour HCM major is offered via online courses with the exception of a 2 credit internship which must be completed at a health care facility approved by the university. Students may enter during any semester.


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