Gerontology Senior Advocate Certificate Program Webinar

By design, the 21 credit hour Gerontology Senior Advocate Certificate program is in response to an increasing number of careers related to elder advocacy needed to help this growing aging population trends in the coming decades. This certificate is designed for professionals currently working with or wishing to work with a growing aging clientele and who see a need to better understand aging issues. The certificate is also beneficial to individuals faced with elder caregiving responsibilities and who want to be a better advocate for their care recipient.

Career Options

The job title “elder advocate" is increasingly a part of healthcare and other age-related service occupations. There are many aging organizations which emphasize senior advocate training on their websites (e.g., AARP; Alzheimer’s Association). The following are some possible career opportunities related to the certificate training (some additional professional training may be needed):

  • patient and family care advocate in healthcare settings,

  • client care advocate in a health care services organization,

  • senior services specialist in an educational institution,

  • care advocate in a hospice care situation working with families,

  • advocate for hospital health care transition planning,

  • care coordinator,

  • geriatric care manager, and

  • aging social services case manager guardianship in a department on aging.

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