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Educational Leadership: School Leadership (Principal Endorsement), MA

The sequence of courses and the objectives of the School Leadership program have been designed to develop exemplary leaders and to foster their continued growth and effectiveness. Our program includes three internship experiences, thus providing for a unique blend of theory and practice in preparation for positions of leadership. Students who successfully complete the course concentration in School Leadership will develop competencies in effective leadership, educational management practices, and staff development at the school level. Completion of the twelve-course program will result in the award of an M.A. degree in School Leadership. The concentration also leads to the new State of Illinois Principal Endorsement.

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Admission Requirements

Candidates desiring admission to the Master's Degree in Educational Leadership begin by completing an application for and obtaining Northeastern Illinois University's Student at Large (SAL) designated status. This status allows students to enroll in up to three courses without full admission to the Graduate School. Students admitted as a SAL then use the program's first introductory course, LEAD 424 (Introduction to the Evaluation of Certified & Support Staff), to complete the Graduate Program application for admission as the professor provides time to assist students with the details of the formal application process.

Delivery Method

Traditional classroom format, interactive video, and/ or web-based formats.


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