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Strategic Technology Management (STM) Graduate Certificate

This certificate will help students understand how to incubate new ventures, and participate in the process of innovation and market adoption within corporate environments. These courses are applicable to students who are or want to be entrepreneurial in starting a company, working for a startup, or bringing strategic technology management skills into their career at an existing company.

Delivery Method


Admission Requirements

Students must:


  • Hold a bachelor's degree

  • Earn a B- or higher in all coursework in the program

  • Submit the following materials upon completion of coursework:

    • Application form

    • Transcript of the courses you've completed toward the certificate. For information on ordering transcripts, see http://engineering.illinois.edu/online/

    • Processing fee: $100 check made payable to the University of Illinois

Transfer Policy

Only UIUC courses will count toward the certificates.

Special Characteristics