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MSEd in Workforce Education & Development

The master's degree with a major in workforce education and development is designed to accommodate a broad range of individuals preparing for training, instructional and administrative roles in career and technical education, business, industry, government, and other fields.

Delivery Method

Courses are offered fully online. Face-to-face weekend courses also offered at Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

Admission Requirements

  • Interested students must apply and be accepted into the SIUC Graduate School.

  • Current requirements are a 2.7 GPA and a career goal that is congruent with WED's program purpose.

  • Bachelor's degree completion must be listed on student's transcript by at least the term prior to admission.

  • Relevant professional or technical experience (at least two years) is recommended.

Transfer Policy

15 semester hours of coursework from other universities may be used as transfer electives. These hours must be:

  • Regular graduate-level courses earned from an accredited university,

  • Related to the student's career goal and approved by the director of the Office of Graduate Programs,

  • Completed for a letter grade of at least a "B",

  • Earned before, during or after completing the SIUC work, and


  • Completed within six years of graduation.

Special Characteristics