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MSEd in Literacy Education (Reading Teacher/Reading Specialist)

The MSEd in Literacy Education candidates meet the national standards for the role of a reading specialist as set by the International Reading Association (IRA) and approved by the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE). The candidates will also meet the ISBE standards for the Reading Teacher Endorsement and the Reading Specialist Certification.

Delivery Method

Online instruction via a cohort program. 

Admission Requirements

Each application will be rated and ranked using the unit's standard four category Application Review Rubric:


  • undergraduate grade point average (minimum 3.00 gpa) and graduate point average (if available)

  • test scores (GRE or MAT)

  • letters of recommendation (minimum two letters)

  • and a professional goals statement.


Candidates should have completed an undergraduate course in reading and one in children's literature.


Apply via https://www.niu.edu/grad/admissions/apply-now.shtml.

Transfer Policy

Student-at-large, study-abroad, and transfer hours in combination may not exceed 15 semester hours.

Special Characteristics

  • Reading Teacher Endorsement offered.

  • Reading Specialist Certification offered.

  • The learning objectives stress performance-based outcomes as outlined by the International Reading Association. All courses have a direct correspondence between standards, subject matter, course, activities, and assessment activities.