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Digital Media Literacy Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The media landscape is undergoing a profound change that requires new competencies to access, analyze, create, reflect and engage using digital tools. The digital media literacy post-baccalaureate certificate, offered by the Department of Mass Communications, provides the skills to: use digital media technology; spot misinformation; distinguish facts from opinion; deconstruct media representations; reflect on media consumption; create digital content; understand media law; evaluate the social, cultural and historical impact of media, and become a well-informed member of society.

Delivery Method


Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission include an application fee of $40, submission of official transcripts, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0, and an online admissions application.

Transfer Policy

The Graduate School accepts as transfer credit a maximum of one-third of the total number of hours required for a graduate degree or a certificate program. Some programs may have more restrictive policies limiting transfer credit to less than one-third of the total hours required in their programs; in such cases, the Graduate School conforms to program limitations. Credit can be added to a graduate student's official record only upon approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Special Characteristics

Students will learn how digital media can help or harm an audience while developing knowledge and skills to create digital content that has a positive impact.