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Certificate in Health Communication

A certificate for professionals in healthcare seeking career advancement through expertise in health communication. The CHC provides a 12-credit specialization in health communication, focusing on theoretical and practical knowledge of public advocacy and the critical capacity to evaluate face-to-face and mediated health information. This certificate is ideal for students who have a master's degree, PhD or MD, however, the 12 credits of the certificate may also be applied to a degree program in the future, if desired.

Delivery Method


Admission Requirements

Transfer Policy

Up to 4 transfer credits or up to 12 non-degree credits may be counted towards the degree.

Special Characteristics

The CHC offers a unique group-paced yet asynchronous online learning environment. All assignments and coursework can be completed individually at a time during the week that works for each individual student. A full time academic advisor is available to answer questions, consult with prospective and current students, help navigate any administrative hurdles, and advocate for students throughout the program. The CHC is a student-centered program that focuses on small cohorts of highly motivated and engaged students advancing both professional and academic goals.