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Certificate in Business Management for Engineers

This certificate will provide students with the tools necessary in proposing and managing initiatives and evaluating technology innovation from a business standpoint. These courses are applicable to students who are/want to be entrepreneurial in starting a company, working for a startup, or bringing business management skills into their career at an existing company.

Delivery Method


Admission Requirements

Students must:


  • Hold a bachelor's degree

  • Earn a B- or higher in all coursework in the program

  • Submit the following materials upon completion of coursework:

    • Application form

    • Transcript of the courses you've completed toward the certificate. For information on ordering transcripts, see http://engineering.illinois.edu/online/

    • Processing fee: $100 check made payable to the University of Illinois

Transfer Policy

Only UIUC courses will count toward the certificates.

Special Characteristics

The Business Management for Engineers (BME) certificate consists of a sequence of courses that concentrate on the principles and practice in business concepts and management skills designed help to build the aptitude of engineers in this area; an expertise that is inherently necessary for successful managers and leaders.