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Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood

Early Childhood prepares students for teaching children birth through grade two in private or state-approved settings. This degree is specifically designed to prepare future teachers of children up to the age of eight, therefore, students will be eligible to apply for the State of Illinois Professional Educator License with an endorsement in Early Childhood.

There are sequential steps for advancement in the Early Childhood major. Such advancement is based not only on continued satisfactory academic performance, but also on acceptable professional behaviors and competencies as reflected in the state and national standards for licensure for teachers.

Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate their mastery of these standards through their performance in their courses and in the field. Teacher candidates must satisfactorily complete the requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program in order to begin their clinical practice in this major. Teacher candidates must earn a grade of C or better in EDUC 214 and CI 337 to enroll in CI 318A, CI 318B, and CI 405A, CI 405B. CI 318A, CI 318B, and CI 405A, CI 405B may not be taken more than two times, and teacher   candidates must have the consent of the program to repeat these   courses.

Delivery Method

Courses are offered in-person, fully online, and hybrid. Mostly in-person.

Admission Requirements

Transfer Policy

SIUC has articulations with community colleges to ensure ease of transfer. While it is recommended thatstudents complete an associates degree, they can transfer in with comparable hours.

Special Characteristics

The cohorts are a great support for students going through the program. The instructors have a wealth of practical experience. Students will attend with Elementary and SPED majors which are disciplines they will interact with in the schools. This is a rich environment for learning. Additionally, there are 6 clinicals and/or placements to practice the skills taught in the courses.