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Web/Video Conference

The University Center of Lake County offers a number of rooms that make web conferences or “hybrid” sessions available.  Six Standard Meeting Rooms built with Vaddio Easy IP cameras and ceiling microphones allow guests to utilize Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and various other platforms for web-based meetings and events. We also offer (mid 2023) two “Zoom Rooms" utilizing Zoom software integrated with built-in web/video conference hardware for easy entry to Zoom-scheduled events and meetings. Also available are 5 portable, AI-powered Meeting Owl devices offering 360-degree camera views, smart-camera tracking, speaker, and microphone capabilities.

UCLC meeting spaces designed with web-based conferencing capabilities are ideal for: 

  • Training sessions 

  • Hybrid courses and events 

  • Virtual meetings 

  • Court approved depositions 

  • Job Interviews 

  • and more… 

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